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Personal Injury


Personal Injury Results


Premises Liability - post- verdict gross recovery - mother and daughter injured by falling tree limb in front of their apartment complex - fractures to ankles and legs


Trucking Accident - Recovery for Passenger in a work van who had leg amputated when her co-worker fell asleep behind the wheel and collided with a semi truck illegally stopped on the freeway.


Dangerous Roadway/Product Liability - Recovery for a 19 year old girl who was a rear seated passenger of vehicle that went off a ravine and was sustained a fractured lumbar spine due to a defective roadway and a defective seatbelt design


Trucking Accident - Verdict for Mother whose 31 year old daughter was killed in auto accident and post traumatic stress injuries to passenger


Emotional Distress - gross recovery for negligent infliction of emotional distress for husband's solicitation to murder wife


Premises Liability – Recover for 52 year old women who slipped and fell at Apartment Complex on Water – Herniated Disc


Negligence Shooting – Negligence for Shooting BB gun and Striking Minor Child in Eye (Partial Blindness)


Police Negligence - Recovery from San Diego Sheriff's Department for Negligent Discharge of Firearm injuring a mother at her home during a search causing scarring and minor neuropathy


Automobile Accident - Recovery for Mother who Suffered Nerve Injury to Eye In Broadside Auto Accident


Trucking Accident - Verdict for Immigrant Mother of 22 Year Old Child Who Died in Auto Accident in Bakersfield


Garbage Truck vs. Bike accident - Verdict for Orange County Youth struck by a garbage truck while riding his bike and fractured pelvis


Premises Liability – Recovery for a 72 year old woman in Ventura County who slipped and fell at apartment complex and broke her hip


Assault & Battery & negligence - Recovery against a HOA and assailant's mother for a stabbing at an apartment complex resulting in a father losing a gall bladder


Product's Liability - Recovery for a young woman who suffered third degree burns to her thigh from using a hair removal product


Auto Accident - Recovery for middle aged professional who suffered a herniated disc without obtaining surgery


Trip and fall - Post-verdict gross recovery in Orange County against department store for negligence in failing to clean aisle resulting in school teacher tripping over loose rug, causing fractured knee cap


Slip and Fall - Recovery for Woman Who Fell At Apartment Complex on Water on the Way to the Laundry Room Sustaining Torn Ligaments in her Ankle


Construction Site Accident - Recovery for a carpenter who falls into open ditch fracturing leg


Medical Malpractice/products liability - Recovery for 19 year old girl against dermatologist and pharmacy for cardiac arrest due to dangerous topical cream used prior to laser hair removal


Attorney Malpractice & fraud - Post Verdict Recovery for negligent advice of attorney causing loss of severance package


Dangerous Roadway - Motorcycle Accident for dangerous condition of roadway against city of Los Angeles resulting in broken leg

*This does not guarantee, warranty or predict the outcome of your case. Results include only a sample of settlements and verdicts obtained by Ardalan & Associates, PLC.

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