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FAQ:  Ardalan & Associates, PLC

Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Family Law

Do I need a lawyer to get a divorce?

Some individuals attempt to do a divorce on their own, due to financial considerations.  Unfortunately, it is more difficult than they expect in most cases.  If you fail to present the court with proper documents, you can hinder the progress of the divorce, or you could create problems for yourself in the future.  It is strongly advised that if you are seeking a divorce, you contact the firm to avoid any errors or failures to file proper documentation.  Get it done right the first time.

Aren't all criminal defense lawyers the same?

Far from it.  Although many attorneys represent clients in criminal cases, the truth is that courtroom talent is a special ability.  Knowledge of the law is not enough in criminal cases, although it is absolutely a necessary factor.  The ability to launch a compelling defense and present it to the jury is a talent that not all attorneys possess.  How this is done can make or break your case.  At Ardalan & Associates, PLC, the legal team of criminal defense lawyers has strong trial abilities, and you can be assured that your case will be given the priority it deserves.

Should I get a lawyer for a personal injury case?  Can't I just take what the insurance company wants to offer?

When dealing with a personal injury case, the insurance company involved represents the responsible party - not you.  That puts you in the position of having no one representing YOUR interests.  Sadly, as insurance companies are profit-oriented, they usually make efforts to reduce your claim.  Never accept a settlement in a serious injury case without having your own legal representation to pursue all the types of damages you have suffered in the injury accident. 

What can Ardalan & Associates, PLC help me with?

The legal team at the firm is composed of dedicated legal professionals who are determined to assist clients facing criminal charges, personal injuries, or who have need of a skilled family law attorney.  The legal team is outstanding in its dedication to the client's situation and takes on cases with determination and skill.  The firm is prepared to fight for the rights of the client in any criminal case, family law matter, or personal injury case.

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