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Family Law: An Overview

Dealing with the many issues involved with a divorce or any family law matter can make an already stressful situation unbearable. It can turn otherwise friendly relationships between spouses into a heated battle about the smallest issues, leading to litigation in family court. The sensitive nature of any family law matter makes these cases best addressed with the assistance of a divorce lawyer. A Woodland Hills divorce lawyer with the proper legal knowledge, experience and resources can offer you helpful guidance that aids you in making the right choice about filing for divorce or addressing any type of dispute related to custody, visitation, paternity or spousal support.

Read about the benefits of a prenuptial agreement.

Areas of Practice

We created this site to offer our clients helpful information about our different areas of practice in regard to divorce and family law. In these matters, it is particularly beneficial to get a better understanding of the type of case you are dealing with so you can make better informed choices from this point forward. We welcome you to browse through the information on this site so you can get a basic understanding of your case and how we can help.

Filing for divorce can be a difficult and life changing event; it will require exceptional emotional strength to overcome any trials and tribulations thrown your way. With matters of child custody, child and spousal support, division of assets and much more to decide before finalizing the divorce, having an attorney on your case is a smart idea.

Legal Separation
Choosing to separate prior to filing for divorce is a wise idea for couples that may be unsure about the decision to completely dissolve their marriage. Separation may also be a good idea for couples that wish to live apart during the time it takes to establish the agreed upon terms of their divorce agreement, i.e. division of assets, spousal support, and child custody issues if applicable. The interim period before a divorce can be finalized can still be spent apart when a legal separation is created. No matter what the circumstances of your case may be, a family law attorney will need to be obtained to help you establish the terms and conditions of your separation agreement.

Uncontested Divorce
What is classified as uncontested divorce? Many divorcing families believe that they are unable to file an uncontested divorce because they may have one or two disagreements on minor issues. If you and your soon to be ex-spouse have come to rational decisions on many of the major topics of your divorce, you may be able to work with a divorce mediator to peacefully and amicably resolve your divorce.

Divorce Mediation
Divorce mediation, most commonly used for an uncontested and amicable divorce, is a way to effectively and quietly resolve your divorce. It can help you come to rational decisions regarding your family law matters without having to step foot in a court room.

Benefits of an Amicable Divorce
There are many benefits to resolving a divorce amicably, including giving your children the ability to know that their parents resolved their matters peacefully. They will see you and your soon to be ex-spouse behaving maturely and peacefully, with a better chance of leaving each family member with the least amount of negative feelings as possible.

Contested Divorce
Unlike an uncontested divorce, a contested divorce is sought when both parties in the divorce have many unresolved issues to address, including child custody, child support, visitation, spousal support, division of assets and property division, and the time has come to involve an attorney for a contested divorce.

Child Custody
Having to make the decision as to where your child will spend the majority of his or her time and which parent will get to make important decisions on behalf of your child is considered to be a matter of child custody. Retaining legal services during this time is vitally important if you wish for your rights and your children's best interests to be protected.

When a parent does not receive custody of their child or children and wishes to visit on the weekends or at set times, he or she may exercise their rights to visitation. If you wish to visit your children as the non-custodial parent, talk to the team at our firm today!

Child Support
After a parent obtains custody of a child, he or she may be entitled to child support from the other parent. Without a child to take care of financially, the other parent may be obligated to support the custodial parent through child support payments.

Spousal Support
Spousal support is a type of financial backing that is provided from one ex-spouse to another to ensure that they can support him or herself. In many marriages, one spouse may have a smaller income or may not be working, making it difficult to support him or herself without the help of the other spouse in the event of a divorce.

Property Division
When dealing with matters of divorce, whether you have children or not, you will always have to deal with the issue of property division. Dividing your property, along with any assets and debt, can be difficult, to say the least. Involving a lawyer is always suggested for this matter to ensure that you keep all of your possessions.

Having to modify a court order such as child custody, child support or spousal support is not an uncommon event in the area of family law in the San Fernando Valley. Things change – we understand, which is why we will be here to help you obtain the modification that you need to continue making your life and your children's lives blossom.

Domestic Violence
If you are currently dealing with a matter of domestic violence, it is important for you to talk to our firm immediately. We may be able to help you get out of this difficult situation through a restraining order, relocation or divorce. Talk to our firm today if you are dealing with matters relating to child or spousal abuse.

Restraining Orders
Dealing with matters of domestic violence are difficult, especially when you are unsure of where to turn to get the legal support you need. Having an attorney to help you obtain a restraining order is important if you wish to keep the perpetrator away.

Fathers' Rights
Time and time again, a bias towards the mother in a child custody or divorce case enters the courtroom before the trial begins. By working with our firm, you can ensure that your case will be fairly represented and your rights as a father will be advocated.

Grandparental Rights
As grandparents, you have rights – and we are prepared to help you fight for them! You have rights to visitation and in some cases, custody if both parents are not fit, you may be able to fight for custody of the child or children. Call of our office today to learn more about your rights as a grandparent!

Prenuptial Agreements
For any couple who wishes to bring assets or property into the marriage that they have acquired before the marriage, it is always a good idea to involve a family lawyer to ensure that you obtain a prenuptial agreement. While your marriage may not end, it is better to be safe and have your assets protected in the chance that an unforeseeable event occurs.

Contact Our Southern California Team

At Ardalan & Associates, PLC, we know what you are going through. We are here to offer you the guidance and support you need during any legal matter related to your divorce. We also offer assistance with other family law matters, including prenuptial agreements, custody, divorce modifications and domestic violence. Because we are committed to protecting our clients' rights, we work tirelessly to help them reach the best possible result, regardless of the circumstances of their case. Every family is different and will require an individualized approach to reach a resolution in a swift and budget-friendly manner. When you are dealing with your marriage, your relationship with your children or your rights as a father, mother, spouse or grandparent, you need a team you can trust. Let us be the firm to help you seek a positive result.

You can also visit our family law video center to watch informational videos about our firm and our practice areas. Of course, we also welcome you to contact our offices directly to speak with a professional about your unique case. At this time, you can get information applicable to your individual situation. Because family law is a sometimes tricky and complicated area of law, this personalized attention makes all the difference.

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