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Personal Injury

Firm Overview: Ardalan & Associates, PLC

About Us

At Ardalan & Associates . . . we provide more than legal representation . . . we provide peace of mind

When the careless acts of others cause tragic results, often those impacted are left with a sense of hopeless despair. From one moment to the next, their lives may be forever changed. Whether they have lost a loved one or lost a sense of self from suffering catastrophic injuries, those affected are often left with uncertainty and despair about the future. At Ardalan & Associates, we understand the significant toll the losses caused by the careless acts of others has on our clients lives.

That is why we work tirelessly to ensure those responsible are held accountable for the harms they caused. We understand that no measure of money can turn back time or undo the harm caused, but by obtaining full compensation for our clients we assure that those who caused the harms pay for them and not leave the people they harmed to bear the losses on their own. Only through that accountability can we restore for our clients a sense of dignity for what was taken from them, and make our community safer for others by assuring that no person or company takes unnecessary risks with others safety without consequences.

Holding those accountable in the world of personal injury and wrongful death litigation requires understanding and expertise by experienced trial attorneys who know how to prepare and present these cases to insurance companies, corporations, judges and most importantly juries. Without proper representation, often times victims have insult added to injury.

At Ardalan & Associates, we pride ourselves on the ability to obtain record breaking results in difficult cases. Our attorneys have been repeatedly recognized for excellence both in the legal community and publications nationwide. Beyond that, we are also recognized by our clients for providing personal attention and care in representing them. That is why our clients know that at Ardalan & Associates, they get more than legal representation . . . they get peace of mind.

A Partner for Maximum Recovery

Beyond being a resource for clients and the community, Ardalan & Associates is the "go-to" firm for other lawyers seeking experienced trial counsel to maximize the value of their client's case. Many firms either refer or partner with us on their cases to maximize recovery.

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