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Dog Bite Injuries in Woodland Hills, CA

Woodland Hills Injury Attorneys

In the San Fernando Valley, dog owners are responsible if their dog attacks a person, even if that dog had no prior tendency or history of aggression before. Unless the dog was attacked or provoked, the dog owner will be required to pay for injury that the dog bite has caused.

At Ardalan & Associates, PLC, we understand California law in regards to dog bites and animal attacks and utilize this knowledge in helping our clients obtain monetary compensation for the injuries they have suffered. If you or your child has been attacked by a dog, a Woodland Hills personal injury attorney at our firm may be able to help. By working with the dog owner’s homeowners insurance company and negotiating your settlement, your attorney may be able to secure a much larger settlement than you would have been able to obtain on your own. The insurance company may try to deny or delay your claim, even though it is valid. But when you have an aggressive and competent lawyer on your side, the insurance company will understand that you are serious about getting the compensation that you need.

The Impact of Dog Attacks in Woodland Hills

A sad fact is that children are often the victim of dog attacks. Additionally, more than half of the injuries sustained by children under 10 are bites to the face. In the presence of this disheartening information, it is no wonder that California law is strict when it comes to dog bites. A dog owner has a responsibility to exercise reasonable caution when walking their dog in public or when having visitors to their property. Even if a dog has had no history of aggression or violence, when it attacks, the dog owner is immediately liable (unless the dog was acting in self-defense.)

A dog bite can leave you with permanent scarring and disfigurement, not to mention the risk of disease or infection and lasting emotional scars. If you or your child has suffered from a dog attack, consulting an injury lawyer at Ardalan & Associates, PLC is how you can protect yourself. Your lawyer will fight to get the maximum settlement possible from the insurance company, to pay for medical expenses, lost wages and emotional pain and suffering.

Enlist Powerful Advocacy in San Fernando Valley

By working with a professional, you have the opportunity to get a fair settlement rather than getting denied or delayed by the insurance company involved. By working quickly and consulting an attorney at our firm, we can begin getting evidence and medical information together, along with witness testimony, in order to prove the dog owner’s liability and the extent of your injuries to the insurance company. Learn what options you have to pursue compensation- contact a Woodland Hills dog bite lawyer at Ardalan & Associates, PLC today!

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