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Hit-and-Run Car Accidents Can Cause Complications for Victims

Recently, a hit-and-run car accident in San Fernando Valley left one motorist dead. The accident happened in Reseda, according to Daily News. The collision involved a motorcycle rider and a vehicle and it occurred on Tampa Avenue and Vanowen Street at approximately 7:27 in the morning.  One witness who had observed the deadly collision indicated accidents happen in the area all the time, as motorists exceed the 40 MPH speed limit and race up Tampa Road.hit and run accident

In this particular case, the driver who struck and killed the motorcyclist did not stop after he caused the car accident. Instead, he fled the scene of the motor vehicle crash. Police indicated the driver had been in a white pickup truck. Law enforcement officers were investigating the collision and looking for the driver. They were asking for help from witnesses and anyone who may have seen the motorist in the white pickup. Finding this driver will be important because he could face criminal charges for leaving the scene of the crash, and potentially for causing the accident to occur if he was found at fault. If the hit-and-run driver is at fault for the collision, he
could also be held civilly liable in a wrongful death case.

Victims of hit and run car accidents can sometimes face more serious injuries if there is a delay in medical assistance because a driver flees the scene instead of calling first responders for medical assistance. Many people hit-and-run for a reason, such as the fact they were speeding or intoxicated. This also means crashes may be more likely to be serious and cause grave injuries or fatalities.

Victims of hit and run accidents, and their surviving family members, can face substantial legal and financial problems due to the fact the driver who may have caused the accident does not stay at the crash scene. Motorists usually exchange information at accidents for a reason- because the driver who was responsible for the auto accident is responsible for compensating collision victims.

In a hit-and-run accident, the driver who caused the collision may be found, in which case a personal injury or wrongful death claim could proceed against the motorist. The victim in this case would have to prove the other driver was the one who caused the crash and hit-and-run, but evidence from a police investigation can usually help to make this case.

If the driver is not found, however, the hit-and-run victims or their family members do not have a defendant to make a car accident claim against. If the person who was hurt had chosen to purchase uninsured motorist coverage, which is optional in California, the victim or surviving family members could make a claim with their own insurer to cover losses. Without this coverage, however, a victim may have a hard time finding a way to get compensation after a car accident if he cannot find the driver who hurt him.

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