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Accident During Intersection Crackdown Illustrates Common Crash Causes

In an effort to prevent car accidents in San Fernando Valley, the Los Angeles Police Department conducted a sting operation at dangerous intersections. Daily News reports the Los Angeles Police Department's Directed Enforcement Task Force was at several intersections writing tickets to drivers who engaged in high-risk behaviors.intersection accident

As the crackdown was going on and drivers were being ticketed, a collision happened just a few blocks away. The incident occurred at 12:05 PM and was a classic example of one of the most common types of crashes which occurs on roads throughout California. A motorcycle was driving down the road when a Nissan tried to make a left turn out of the parking lot at the Tea House. The driver of the Nissan collided with the motorcycle. The male driver of the motorcycle and a female passenger had to be transported to a local hospital for treatment after the motorcycle was hit by a car.

Drivers making turns are more likely to hit motorcycle riders.  Often, this happens because drivers don't see motorcycle riders. The problem is so common, there is actually a public safety campaign entitled Look Twice, Save a Life. The campaign aims to get drivers to take a second glance before changing lanes or making a turn, since motorcycle riders are so often struck when drivers do these activities.

Drivers making turns and hitting motorcycles is not the only common cause of crashes which was illustrated that same day. A mile away from where the motorcycle accident happened at the intersection of De Soto Avenue and Roscoe Boulevard, law enforcement officers were giving tickets for illegal tints on windows, for not having a child in a safety seat, and for other infractions. Between 10:30 and the 12:05 motorcycle accident, five tickets had been issued at just the one intersection.

Officers were also at the intersection of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Victory; at Vanowen Street and Coldwater Canyon Avenue; at Devonshire Street and Woodley Avenue; and at Sepulveda Boulevard and Nordhoff Street.  One officer indicated a driver had been ticketed for talking on a cell phone. The officer complained he was giving many tickets for behaviors like this because "people don't know how to use the roadway."   Cell phones and distracted driving are also leading causes of serious or fatal collisions.

Hopefully, the police crackdown on drivers who do unlawful actions on the roads, like failing to yield to motorcyclists or talking on the phone, will result in a reduction in car accidents in San Fernando Valley.

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