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What if I Get Into an Accident While Ride Sharing in San Fernando Valley?

Ride sharing has become a really popular option for motorists, but those who click for a ride on apps like Uber or Lyft need to be aware of the risk they are taking. Drivers of these cars may seem like professional drivers, but they are not going through the same level of training or screening as commercial drivers like bus drivers. There is a risk of a collision happening when you take advantage of ride sharing, and you need to know what to do if you are in a car accident while using a ride sharing service.  backseat-driver-1537280

What Should You Do After an Accident While Ride Sharing?

If you get into a car accident while on a ride sharing trip, the first thing you need to do is make sure you are OK and seek medical treatment. You should always get a check-up by a healthcare provider even if you feel just fine, because you want to make sure there is no internal damage or injuries which are not immediately apparent. You also want to be able to document any injuries in case you need to later prove what happened.

Outside of getting medical care, one of the other most important things you need to do is get in touch with a lawyer who has experience handling claims involving this type of accident. Ride sharing accidents are complicated because of questions about which auto insurance policy should cover crash losses.

Sometimes, drivers who are operating their vehicles through companies like Uber and Lyft are not aware this is considered to be using the car for business purposes. Some personal auto insurance policies will disclaim coverage when a car is used for business purposes. This could mean it is difficult or impossible to pursue a case against the driver's insurer, unless the driver has specifically secured insurance that covers their liability when they're driving professionally.

Rather than going after the driver, or in addition to going after the driver, you may also wish to pursue a case against the ride sharing service itself. Uber indicates it has offered insurance since 2013, and promises a policy with liability limits of as much as $1 million. This policy should provide enough for car accident victims to recover damages to compensate them for all but the most serious of injuries or wrongful death. This means your best option is to pursue a case against the car sharing service itself.

You will be dealing with insurance companies very familiar with claims made by accident victims if you try to pursue a case against Uber or any professional ride sharing company. You need to have your own advocate who understands when and how to pursue a case against the ride sharing company. An attorney can provide guidance on who to pursue your claim against and can help with the actual process of making your claim.

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