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Distracted Driving: Self-Driving Cars Not San Fernando Valley's Primary Risk

Many San Fernando motorists will likely be surprised at the rapidity with which self-driving cars will begin to appear regularly on California highways over the next few years. One of the primary reasons is simple: They have already proven safer than distracted, fatigued and preoccupied motorists who too often disobey traffic laws and seldom have...

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AAA Study Shows Danger in Infotainment

Infotainment Systems Contribute to Distracted Driving AAA recently released a new study investigating the growing trend of infotainment systems in new vehicles. These are installed systems which provide interactive tools for drivers and passengers, such as Bluetooth phone use, on-screen navigation, or social media updates. While these systems are incredibly convenient, they may also contribute...

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The Importance of Car Seat Safety

Car Seats Are Not Child’s Play How hard could it be? Harder than you think. Sure, a child’s car seat looks like just another piece of new and shiny baby gear, but it really is a sophisticated piece of safety engineering. And proper installation sometimes can make the nervous parent feel like she needs an...

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California Lane Splitting Causes Serious Motorcycle Accidents

California is unique for many reasons. One of those ways of particular interest to motorcycle riders involves statutory provisions on lane-splitting. This practice is allowed in no other state. Lane-splitting allows riders to pass through areas of heavy traffic by riding in between lanes of slowed or stopped vehicles. While the practice is convenient for...

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"Do Not Disturb" Features are Not Enough to Protect you From Liability in a California Car Accident

The increased prevalence of smart phones and in-vehicle technology over the past decade has created complicated legal issues in determining whether a driver was negligent in causing a car accident. While some of the existing statutes can be applied to this issue, it continues to be a dynamic, developing area of law. California Distracted Driving...

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San Fernando Valley Car Accident Risk Increases With Older Model Vehicles

Vintage cars may be widely-admired, but we all know well they can't keep pace with the crashworthiness of modern vehicles. But what many drivers don't realize is that vehicles from even 10-to-20 years ago fail spectacularly when it comes to the car accident standards of current models. This point was underscored in a recent test conducted by the...

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Los Angeles Drivers Most Distracted by their Smartphones, According to Study

Distracted driving discussions tend to refer to motorists who play on their phone, make work calls and fiddle with the radio as "the other." However, new findings from data analytics firm Zendrive reveals most people behind the wheel divide their attention. In one of the largest recent distracted driving studies, researchers dove into information gleaned from 3...

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Can Self-Balancing Technology Help Prevent Motorcycle Accidents?

Vehicle technology has advanced in recent years, and many safety experts hope as technologies increasingly automate the driving process, accident rates will decline significantly. After all, most collisions are caused by some type of human error. If human decision making is all-but-eliminated from the driving process, the theory is self-driving vehicles will glide seamlessly along...

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