a man and woman on a motorcycle, both wearing helmets

Advice From Our Attorneys to Keep You Safe

Motorcycle accidents in Southern California often result in serious injuries. That’s why it’s important for motorcyclists and other drivers to safely share the road. Some accidents cannot be avoided. But in most cases, accidents involving motorcyclists should not happen.

We know because our Woodland Hills, CA law firm has worked with many motorcyclists injured in collisions involving other vehicles. And in nearly every case, many of these accidents occurred because of something the other driver did.

At Ardalan & Associates, we’re focused on getting injury victims the compensation they rightfully deserve for their accident. That’s why we want to work with you after your accident – and help you hopefully avoid other accidents in the future.  Read our advice below and contact us if you need a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Top Tips for Avoiding a Motorcycle Crash in California

We realize most motorcycle accidents occur because of something another driver did to cause such collisions. Even so, there are some things riders and drivers can do to avoid a collision. Here are some suggestions.


  • Look twice before changing lanes
  • Don’t tailgate. Motorcyclists need enough time to stop.
  • Signal when changing lanes near motorcyclists.


  • Don’t drive in between other vehicles. Lane splitting is legal in California but can be dangerous.
  • Make sure you’re visible to other drivers before turning or changing lanes.
  • Be extra careful when turning left at an intersection. Accidents involving motorcycles often occur here.
  • Wear protective gear while riding.
  • Adjust speed according to road and weather conditions.