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I was in an automobile accident on 12/8/13. I was a passenger in a car on the 605 Fwy. North heading toward the CITY OF HOPE due to my niece who was getting a stem cell transplant for her Bone Marrow Cancer. My oldest nephew was driving in the fast lane and I had noticed very little traffic however the car which was about 6 cars ahead of us very little traffic was not moving fast. That was my last recollection before I had passed out. We crashed right into that truck and the car I was in was totaled. When I came to I was told the driver in that car was not there apparently he abandoned the car to go after his dog.

I was referred to Mr. Ardalan through an attorney I did business with in the past. Mr Ardalan called me up and had sent his assistant directly to me while I was hospitalized for that week. She took a report and pictures As much as this accident was very painful for me. Ardalan and Assoc. through his assistant had been extremely helpful to me all during the year of my getting back to a better health. Whenever I had to call them I ALWAYS received a return call back within a reasonable amount of time. And we all know how difficult this is lately with any service.

I was so pleased that I personally had written Mr. Ardalan and told him so. He wrote me back and said how appreciative of my letter.

I would highly recommend ARDALAN & ASSOC. to anyone who had this need. I believe they specialize in PERSONAL INJURY cases which makes using their service much easier.

— Elvira M.
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