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Our Attorneys Know How to Hold Trucking Companies Accountable

If you have been injured in a serious truck accident, you may need to take legal action against the trucking company that employs the truck driver. That might sound straightforward. But in reality, trucking companies can be very difficult to deal with after an accident.

Sometimes, tracking down a trucking company after an accident can be a challenge. That’s because many trucking companies operate large fleets of tractor-trailers and other large commercial trucks that travel throughout the country. When accidents happen far from the company’s headquarters, getting in touch with someone there can be nearly impossible.

And even if you can find the trucking company, they might be reluctant to give you the information you need after your commercial truck accident. That’s why it’s critical that you contact Ardalan & Associates of Woodland Hills, California. We can help you get the information you need to get the justice you deserve after your Southern California crash.

Important Information About Trucking Companies

Trucking companies have a legal obligation to keep meticulous records. After an accident involving a commercial truck, such records often reveal whether the trucking company violated state or federal laws, including Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. Such records include:

  • Maintenance records – Trucking companies must make sure trucks are in safe working order. This includes:
    • Truck brakes (defective brakes often cause crashes)
    • Tires (bald tires can be dangerous)
    • Oil changes (improperly working engines can be hazardous)
  • Hiring records – Trucking companies have a legal obligation to hire safe, responsible truck drivers. Such drivers must also have the proper licenses to legally operate a large, commercial vehicle. If the trucking company knowingly hired someone with a history of reckless driving, that could be used as evidence to support your accident claim.
  • Driving records – Some truck drivers have a history of reckless or negligent driving. This can include previous traffic violations for speeding, drunk driving or driving without a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
  • Inspection records – The State of California has strict inspection requirements for trucking companies operating in the state. We can make sure the trucking company that employs the driver who caused your crash has up-to-date inspection records.
  • Repair records – Serious mechanical problems often result in accidents. We can verify if there were problems with the truck and if the trucking company took corrective actions to fix those problems.
  • Hours of Service logs – The FMCSA requires all drivers to document the number of hours they work. That’s because the FMCSA has strict limits on how many hours drivers can work in 24-hour period. These regulations exist because tired truck drivers often cause accidents.
  • Electronic onboard recording device records – Many tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks are equipped with an electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) or automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD). Such devices record a truck’s speed, route and time of operation. These records can be critical in an accident investigation.
  • Packaging records – Strict rules exist regarding how much weight trucks can legally carry. We can verify that the trucking company followed these rules and did not overload the truck. Overloaded trucks can easily roll over or not stop in time to avoid a crash.

Trucking companies are often required to only keep relevant records for six months. That’s why it’s critical that you contact a Woodland Hills truck accident attorney our law firm immediately to investigate your truck accident.

How a Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

In theory, trucking companies must provide such records to whoever’s investigating your truck accident. But many trucking companies are often reluctant to reveal this information. They may explicitly refuse to turn over their records or even deny that they exist.

We know how to uncover the truth. We know how to hold trucking companies accountable for their actions and find the evidence you need to build a strong case. And if a trucking company refuses to comply with our demands, we’re prepared to take them to court and force them to deal with you on your terms.

Trucking companies don’t intimidate us. We recognize that critical information can be used to build a strong legal case against a trucking company, and we’re prepared to do what it takes to get that information. Find out what we can do for you. Contact Ardalan & Associates and schedule your free case evaluation right now.